Initial Consultation

  • Discuss scope of investigation, nature of the incident, and relevant details.
  • Determine requirements and objectives of the investigation.

Evidence Collection

  • Assist in preserving and collecting digital evidence.
  • Secure data acquisition, chain-of-custody documentation, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

Reporting and Presentation

  • Prepare detailed report with findings, interpretations, and recommendations.
  • Report can be presented clearly and concisely for legal proceedings or internal review.

Remote Analysis

  • Forensic experts perform analysis remotely.
  • Utilize secure communication channels and stringent data protection protocols.
  • Employ specialized tools and techniques to examine collected evidence and extract insights.

Follow-up Support

  • On-demand services include post-investigation support.
  • Offer expert testimony, ongoing consultation, or additional analysis if required.
  • Work on a retainer model for on-demand forensic service.