Experienced Incident Response Professionals

  • Seasoned professionals with extensive experience in IR and threat mitigation.
  • Deep knowledge of industry-standards & incident response frameworks.
  • Skilled in handling a wide range of security incidents.

Seamless Integration

  • Dedicated incident responders seamlessly integrate into the existing SOC team.
  • They align workflows, processes, and communication channels.
  • They work closely with the internal team by complementing their expertise.

On-Premise or Remote Engagement

  • Choose to have committed incident responders with their physical presence in SOC or through remote support.
  • Flexibility to choose the arrangement that suits operational requirements and preferences.

Incident Detection and Response

  • Actively monitor network, logs, and security events to identify potential incidents.
  • Swiftly respond to incidents, conduct thorough investigations, and execute predefined response plans.
  • Minimize impact of security breaches and rapidly restore normal operations.

Incident Triage and Analysis

  • Perform comprehensive triage and analysis of security incidents.
  • Assess severity and impact, gather crucial evidence, and provide detailed reports.
  • Enable understanding of incidents, appropriate actions, and necessary preventive measures.

Yearly/Multi-Yearly Engagement

  • Available for engagement on a yearly or multi-yearly basis.
  • Long-term partnership ensures continuity and stability in IR capabilities.
  • Enables strategic planning and alignment of security objectives.

Incident Containment and Mitigation

  • Employee advanced techniques to contain and mitigate threats.
  • Collaborate with internal team to implement containment strategies and isolate affected systems.
  • Minimize potential spread of the attack, prevent further damage, and limit impact. 

Forensics Analysis and Post-Incident Remediation

  • Conduct thorough forensic analysis, identify root cause, attack vectors, and vulnerabilities.
  • Provide comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations.
  • Strengthen security infrastructure and prevent future incidents.