Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

  • Vulnerability Assessment is used to identify known vulnerabilities in a network or operating system/server at an application level.
  • Through this assessment we provide an organization with an overall picture of all the vulnerabilities present on their network infrastructure.
  • We also extend our services by assisting in vulnerability mitigation and risk management.
  • In Penetration testing, our experts analyse your network infrastructure or specific assets from the point of view of a malicious hacker who is trying to gain unauthorized access or trying to execute actions through elevated privileges. 

Secure Configuration Audit

  • The purpose of a Configuration Audit is to protect the organization’s assets from sophisticated, targeted long-term attacks where hackers gain access to privileged systems and data. Even a zero-day attack has less of a chance of resulting in a security breach in a securely configured system.
  • Secure configuration refers to security measures that are implemented when building and installing computers and network devices to reduce unnecessary cyber vulnerabilities. Security misconfigurations are one of the most common gaps that criminal hackers look to exploit.
  • Protect data integrity and avaliability
  • Make it scalable for future needs
  • Improve performance